Why Derek Jeter Matters

Written By: Gary Fales  |  September 26, 2014

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I know that many folks don’t know who Derek Jeter is.  But I’m glad my children know.

Derek Jeter is the short stop for the New York Yankees.  Last night was his last home game of his career.  During this year, every team the Yankees played honored Derek with some type of award or recognition.  They all want to be associated with this great man.  Last night in the bottom of the ninth inning, he made the winning play with a hit knocking in the runner.  What a glorious way to go out.

After the game I went to my normal news networks to catch up on the days news.  It was full of disasters, wars and hate.  It seems like the whole country is really headed towards an inevitable disaster.  My own patriotism is in doubt.

Then the news service updated with the news of Derek’s walk-off hit and I felt a surge of hope.  In all the carnage in the world, there are still great American heroes.  Baseball matters to me because it is a powerful witness that America is still great.  New York Yankees v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim