A Life Plan is a Living Trust that Avoids Probate PLUS…

While it’s important to avoid probate when you die, the truth is you will be dead.  It is noble and honorable to save the family the expense, publicity and time involved in going through that process and we certainly think probate should be avoided at all costs.  We found in our practice that folks were having most of their problems because the miracles of modern medicine are keeping us alive much longer than ever before.

It is estimated that a person is six-times more likely to become disabled this year than they are to die.  Six Times!  In our law firm, we have found that to be true.  Living Trusts were never originally designed to deal with incapacity problems.  They were designed to avoid probate.  But dying is not your problem.  Not yet, anyway.   That’s why we invented a plan that not only deals with the probate, but its main focus is to protect you while you’re alive.

The Life Plan focuses on three main areas: (1) protecting you–which we call Life Plan “A”; (2) protecting your children or beneficiaries–which we call the Life Plan “B”; and (3) protecting your grandchildren–which we call the Life Plan “C.”

Protecting You–Life Plan “A”

The Life Plan is always designed to avoid probate; but, it goes beyond death to protect you during life.  The Life Plan “A” is primarily focused on protecting you (and your spouse if you’re married) while you’re alive.

Protecting Your Children (or other beneficiaries)–Life Plan “B”

The Life Plan “B” always includes all the planning in a Death Plan and a Life Plan “A” but it goes beyond protecting you to also protect your children (or other beneficiaries) from having their inheritance lost due to a divorce, bankruptcy, IRS issue or a lawsuit.

Protecting Your Grandchildren–Life Plan “C”

The ultimate plan, the Life Plan “C,” always includes the protection of a Death Plan and the Life Plan “A” and “B.”  It goes beyond, those plans, however, by protecting your grandchildren.  This is also known as a Dynasty Trust.

Living Trust Protection Levels

Death Plan
Life Plan ``A``
Life Plan ``B``
Life Plan ``C``

``A``...``B``...``C``...Death Plans...

If you feel a little confused, we can clear it all up in a matter of minutes by applying your specific situation to the available plans.