Estate Planning Legal Changes 2018

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What changes in the law for 2018? CHANGES TO FEDERAL LAWS   THE FEDERAL ESTATE TAX LAW The new tax law enacted in December has significantly changed the gift and estate tax laws.  The law increased the current $5,000,000 estate tax exemption to $10,000,000 indexed for inflation since 2011.  This means for those individuals who pass away in 2018, the … Read More

New Alzheimer’s Treatment

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Many of our clients hire us to prepare documents to help them avoid guardianship if they lose their mental capacity.  My step-mother died of Alzheimer’s Disease when she was 59.  When Alzheimer’s strikes at that age, it’s called the early onset.  PBS ran a special on this form of the illness and called it an epidemic.  She technically died because … Read More

Who Should Not Use a Living Trust

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Living Trusts are used to help folks avoid probate and guardianship.  They are also used to shelter assets from lawsuits and preserve the assets for your children.  But Living Trusts are not for everyone.  Here is one possible analysis to help you determine if a Living Trust would benefit you or your family.  This is not a complete analysis so … Read More

How Are Assets Transferred After Death?

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After a person dies, what happens to their assets? If you have recently lost a loved one, you may be wondering how their assets will be transferred to family members and other heirs. Understanding this process can help during a time of grief, as it can otherwise be overwhelming and needlessly stressful. Know that if desired, a probate or estate … Read More