Having Fun While Teaching “Truth Seeking” to Our Kids

Gary FalesFamily, Random Thoughts

This year, my wife, Christine, and I have started taking our six children to visit other churches with three goals in mind.  First, we wanted our children to understand other people’s beliefs to help them understand how much we all have in common together.  Next, we wanted to have fun together learning and exploring.  And finally, we wanted to see what … Read More

No, I’m Not Taking Your Assets

Gary FalesAsset Protection, Living Trusts

So I was speaking with my assistant, Mike Garcia, and he told me a common concern he’s hearing is that some folks think that forming a trust means you are signing away possession of the assets to us.  Quite the opposite. Even if I was someone who wanted to take your assets, by placing them in a trust you are … Read More

Nolo Trusts

Gary FalesLiving Trusts

Once I had a person come see me who wanted me to review a trust prepared by Nolo. I said, “no.” He was taken back by that but I explained Nolo is no a law firm.  They are not attorneys.  They printed out a form for you to fill in.  And now if I review that trust, I’m going to … Read More

Blended Family Nightmare

Gary FalesLiving Trusts

Factual Situation Wife has a child from another marriage. She is married to her current husband for 18 years. Husband doesn’t consider her son to be his son. Husband and wife hold real estate in joint tenancy. Husband promises to give the home to the son. Husband says that they don’t need a trust because everything goes to each other … Read More

Umbrella Insurance

Gary FalesAsset Protection

While explaining the importance of the Nevada Asset Protection Trust (“NAPT”) in a person’s life, the person I was speaking with said her attorney doesn’t feel anyone needs the NAPT because of umbrella insurance. My response to that is simple: have that attorney put it in writing that insurance will cover you.  They won’t. Insurance companies are there to make … Read More

Family Matters

Gary FalesLove, Random Thoughts

I have six children: Sariah (17), Nathan (15), Melissa (12), Jacob (9), Rachel (7), and Katie (4).  I would do anything for them and my wife Christine. I know you probably feel the same about your family.  And, if you’re like me, you probably put off protecting them for years because you feel you’re probably not going to die or … Read More

Most Common Workshop Question

Gary FalesLiving Trusts, Workshops

I teach quite a few workshops on Living Trusts, and I just finished teaching one tonight.  I’m asked quite a few questions about probate and how living trusts are used to help people avoid the expense and publicity of the probate process. I find that about 20 types of questions account for 80% of the questions I’m asked.  In fact, … Read More

I Was Up ‘Till 1:30 am

Gary FalesLiving Trusts

I was speaking to my cousin last night until 1:30 about families and the power of living trusts to help fix broken relationships.  There is one person, let’s call him Bill, in our family who is looking at getting a divorce but he has several minor children.  Without getting into too many details, let’s assume that Bill is the victim of … Read More

Bookkeeping Workshop

Gary FalesWorkshops

Four times per year I teach the Bookkeeping Workshop to my clients.  I think of this as part two of my public workshop on asset protection or living trusts. I use the word “Bookkeeping” in the title of the workshop but the reality there is very little bookkeeping required with trusts.  But there is paperwork when funding trusts or transferring … Read More

Why He Wanted Me to Re-do His Trust

Gary FalesLiving Trusts

When folks have their trusts designed and crafted by LegalZoom or some other company that is not able to practice law they often tell me they have an unsettled feeling that something is missing.  Last week a man hired me to re-do his trust because he was dying and he wanted make sure it was perfect so his loved ones … Read More