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If you are getting a $500 trust (or less), ask yourself how are they going to provide me service with the many details that go into not just drafting your estate plan but implementing it in your life.  At the Law Offices of Gary L. Fales we know it takes a team approach to making the process appear fast and easy to our clients.

We learned through helping thousands of clients that being responsive to our client’s questions is second only to preparing accurate plans that protect you.

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Gary Fales, at Your Service

Attorney Gary Fales has learned that nothing substitutes for meeting directly with the clients.

When you meet with Gary, your meeting will cover three items:

1.)  Gary will review your current situation.  If you have a trust, he will review it for any items that are missing or outdated.

2.) Next, he will discuss what your goals are and what you want to accomplish.

3.) Finally, based on what you want, Gary can tell you how much it will cost.

The process is fun, easy and there’s no obligation.  As the attorney at the law firm, Gary is responsible for every aspect of the work and the services performed here.  He is the one who helps with structuring your plan and providing strategies that help you make it easy on your family and hard on creditors.

Don’t Know Who to Call?  Call the Client Concierge!

While the attorney, Gary Fales, is always available to assist you, he may be in meetings or drafting the trusts.  To make sure you always get the attention you need, we have implemented the Client Concierge position at our office.  If you don’t know who to talk with at our office, you can always call the Client Concierge, Krista Stockwell.

When you call, we have a same-day policy of returning calls if we are not available to assist you when you call.  If that is impossible, we call you back the next business day so you never have to wait long to get the answers you need.

If you’re shopping for law firms, you should ask if they have a full-time Client Concierge to help with the many details that can arise when creating your trust.

Krista has extensive knowledge in our processes and procedures.  She is aware of each client and where they are in the process so you never have to fear that you are alone.  We always try to make her as available as possible so she can be on the front lines of help.

The Funding Coordinator, Your Personal Assistant

How do I fund my home?  How do I fund my savings account?  How do I fund my business?

These and other questions are usually handled by our full-time Funding Coordinator, Emily Shipton.  We don’t charge an extra fee to help you verify that your assets are being correctly funded into your trust.  At the end of the year, we send you a list of all your assets that we have verified are properly funded into the trust.

All at no extra cost.

If you’re shopping for law firms, you should ask if they have a full-time Funding Coordinator to help with the many details that can arise when funding your trust.

Funding is the process of transferring your assets to your trust.  Learn more about funding and why you must complete the funding in order to avoid probate, guardianship or to help you protect your assets in a lawsuit by visiting our education materials.

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