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“The CE Class is FREE and I promise this will be one of the best CE classes you ever attend!” –Gary

Gary has taught over 7,000 REALTORS how trusts should be used to protect their client’s assets.  See what people are saying about Gary and his staff…

“I have immediate response to any inquiries.”Kevin L.

Thank you for your accommodation in preparing our trust in a timely manner.  Your professionalism is to be commended.

Bill Book and Alma Cook

Many months ago we made the very wise decision to engage you as our trust attorney. Your professional advice and hard work on our behalf has given us a peace of mind we have not had for many years. In addition, your staff have been some of the most professional and helpful individuals that we have had the pleasure to work with in any profession.  As we enter our senior years, we want to know that our assets, that we have worked so hard to obtain, will not be taken away by anyone, for any reason. Your knowledge and hard work, as well as that of your wonderful staff, gives us that peace of mind and secure feeling that we so need at our age. Thank you.  With grateful respect,

Max L. and Lilia I. Carter

“[My consultation] was most helpful. I was scared and Gary helped alleviate these fears.”

“I have never felt more comfort in a very stressful situation. I believe all of you have guided me in the best possibility during such a trying time. Thank you to all.”

–Elaine Levin

“Gary, you staff has been super in helping us in funding our trust. Krista, Lauren, and the others.”Gaylord Lum

As a long time widow who wanted to do right by her kids, but never knew where to turn, I knew I needed advice, but who to trust?  My fiancé went to a CE class and was impressed with Mr. Fales’ expertise and urged me to make an appointment.  I have never looked back!

It has been a life changer.  Being quite a bit shy of a million dollars, I was under the impression that little could be done or would be worth doing to take care of my assets, but Gary made me understand that’s why it was even more important to protect what I have.  Not only did acting on this opportunity give me hope, but going to classes every once in a while has deepened my knowledge of how to effectively make the future brighter for my children and grandchildren.  What could be more important?

On top of that, I have been treated as professionally as if I did have millions by the friendly and very capable staff, every single one!  Gary’s non pretentious way of sharing his expertise is entertaining and empowering.  What’s not to love?

My way of saying thank you is to share my experience whenever the chance arises so that family and friends may be able to better their lives as well.

-Melinda Sleight

“Excellent customer service. Julia, Nick and Lisa are always helpful. The workshops have been informative and valuable. Gary is a real Asset Providing the tools and knowledge in securing our needs.”Donn Wade

“After working in the real estate industry for 30 year I have become very cautious about who I referral my agents and clients to for any kind of services, especially legal services. However, I have found that I can refer clients and fellow agents to attorney Gary Fales with 100% confidence that he will provide great advice based on the most current law and current market conditions. Gary will always build me up in the eyes of my clients and fellow agents, and will never say or do anything that would undermine or erode my existing relationship with my clients. I highly recommend Gary to anyone client or agent who needs sound legal advice regarding short sale ramifications or asset protections.”

-Jeff Sommers, President Wardley Real Estate

Gary and his office staff are the best.  They are helpful, informational and always are looking for ways to make their clients, more knowledgeable.  The Membership workshops help keep the process fresh and are great reminders of what is needed to make it all work.  Gary is very understanding and takes the time to explain various options.   As a result I have referred my family members and clients and all have reported to me how pleased they are.  -Bonnie Pittenger

Hi Gary, Just wanted to say thank you for the lovely dinner last night and all the good information from your presentation.  My clients don’t get an A+ from me until they have been to see you!

–Helen Riley

From the first time I called to schedule an appointment, to the last time I requested some information, my interactions with Gary and his staff have been top drawer. Gary’s expertise is without peer, and he is always ready to explain and explain again, if necessary. He and the amazing staff he has assembled are happy to help in whatever ways required to maximize the client’s experience. I could not be happier.


“Gary and his staff are very helpful and knowledgeable with whatever questions we throw their way. Thank you.”Belinda Colon

“My first encounter with Gary Fales took place when I watched a movie-presentation he made about asset protection. The presentation impressed me and I telephoned the office to take up an offer of a free first consultation. It is very unusual for me to respond to offers of this kind.

When I met Gary Fales face-to-face, I found the session informative and interesting. Also, my first impressions on entering the front office were very favorable. The girls at the reception were happy and natural in marked contrast to the ‘brassy’ Las Vegas manner.

….what was I waiting for? …. His honesty and upfront style impressed me compared to the unctuous and manipulative behavior of too many lawyers.

All in all, I believe that the resulting delay was beneficial, because when after a few telephone conversations with Nick Preston, I decided to give Gary Fales my business I did so wholeheartedly.

Since then I have had no regrets and have attended classes and evening presentations at the office. These I found to be entertaining and, in the case of at least one of them, very valuable. Not surprisingly I mention them often to people I meet.

Finally, the atmosphere in Gary Fales’ office is unusually pleasant and I find myself looking forward to my appointments. They are more like a break from work than work itself.”

I had worked with another attorney in the past, to set up an “asset protection trust”. Much was promised and little if anything delivered. My experience with Gary was both easy and effective. 2 brief meetings and I can now sleep soundly having my assets fully protected in a Nevada asset protection trust! Thanks for all that you and your team have done and continue to do on my behalf.William VonTobel

Thank you so much for helping us deal with all the issues that came up while trying to re-finance our home….Your patience and expertise is greatly appreciated!  You helped to make one of our dreams come true.  Best to you always and if I can ever be of help to you just say the word.

– Mary & Keith

“Competent, professional, and experienced”

– Roxanne Blum

When we join any group and have activities together periodically, we should treat that group as an extended family. I’m very happy to add this group of people as one of my extended families. Since I belong to this family, I have learned so much from Gary’s seminars and I believe that I’ll keep learning from now on. The associates working in the office are helpful and friendly.  Once in a while I would bring in some Chinese treats for them to show my appreciation for their hard work and friendly attitude.    Chinese believe that you reap what you plant.   What you put into the lives of others comes back into your own.  So be nice to each other always and explore this precious world we live in together as one big happy family.

–Julie Yu

In response to your testimonial, I am very pleased with the outcome of our meeting. Gary had very insightful information. He told me somethings that I did not know about or understand.

I had a joyful experience with your firm. I would recommend your services to friends and family. I do apologize for taking so long to getting back to you. I really appreicate all you have done for me.

–John Burnett

“The Asset protection trust class was one of the best educational tools that I have attended during these troubled financial times. It left me trusted in Gary’s system and his fine staffs’ ability to plan, schedule and complete a sound trust for my estate protection. His staff is excellent on follow up items and very professional in personal matters. Krista has helped me organize the necessary materials for a complete plan.  Would be happy to refer friends etc. to Gary’s law firm anytime. Thank you”

-Larry Keever

“I was scared to death when I found that my partners and the bank had thrown me under the bus on a business deal that had gone under. The whole thing was so unfair and my life was ruined. But a free consultation with Gary helped me see my legal options clearly and with his help I can now sleep at night.”

-Steve F.

“It was a lot of information in [a] short period. It was scary, but got my attention and made me do something. “

-Kevin L.

“After your October speaker paid a lot more attention to the local and National Elections. We enjoyed the whole series of lectures. Thanks so very much.”

-Phyllis Bourdeau

“My trust, Will, etc. was handled professionally and in a friendly manner. I feel my Estate/Assets are protected and I have every confidence all is well.”

-Jillian Maverick

Gary is full of excellent advice. Don’t gamble Las Vegas, go with a winner.

-Howard and Mark Jean Ostfeld

“We have achieved peace of mind with our Asset Protection Trust. Mr. Fales and his associates are also very helpful in their informational meetings.”

-Mike Steiding

“Steve and I appreciated the patience everyone at the firm exhibited while we were setting up our trust. We’ve accomplished peace of mind, knowing that we are not leaving estate problems for our loved ones.”

-Steve and Lori Lippia

“I have set up my trust and a couple of LLC’s. Gary is very knowledgeable and great at evaluating your situation to determine what works best for your needs.”

-Sherri Agnifili

“Excellent customer service. [The Staff] are always helpful. The workshops have been informative and valuable. Gary is a real Asset Providing the tools and knowledge in securing our needs.”

-Donn Wade

“With Gary and his staff’s help, I was able to establish a family trust and transfer my assets and properties into it. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful! Thank you!”

-Rebecca Manzolini

“Your firm and staff are outstanding. They are always very helpful when I call or come in. The maintenance program is very helpful for me.”

-Geraldine Donavan

“I have had only positive experiences with everyone at Gary Fales office. Everyone is very knowledgeable, informative and helpful. Thank you!”

-Billi Walton

“Extremely friendly staff helps you to learn as much as possible to protect what you have (your assets). The maintenance program is very informative.”

-Richard Cascio

“I have always received an answer to all my questions. The professional way all in the office conduct themselves feels and makes me confident I am getting the correct answer.”

-Sheila Strusser

“It was great. I am transferring from working to retirement and he made me realize that I needto check on my tax liabilities or laxk of.”

– Janet Leedham

I am extremely pleased with your firm. I recommend you to all of my acquaintances. Thank you for all you do!!

– Jeff Herman

“Gary and his staff are very helpful and knowledgeable with whatever questions we throw their way. Thank you.”

– Belinda Colon

“Gary, you staff has been super in helping us in funding our trust. Krista, Lauren, and the others”. –Gaylord Lum

“Keeps me current! Keeps me on target with life plans and goals!” – Sandra O’Brien

“We greatly appreciate that you make us feel we have an ongoing connection, that you are interested in us by holding the varied and informative workshops that you provide.”

–Joe and Nina Pierce

“Thanks for all your help Krista.  So nice to have all this taken care of and to be able to focus on the move and getting my dad settled in.  We really appreciate the thorough job you all did.  Please pass our sincere thanks on to Gary too.”

Best regards,

Jan Trigg

“I tell everyone about you!” – Jeff Herman

“Very easy. Gary has a friendly and knowledgeable demeanor.”

– Doug & Liz Reinertson

See What Our Clients Say About Our Maintenance Program Workshops

“Presentation and topics are well timed and helpful.”  – Henry & Lucy Tuason

“Insightful- interesting. Enjoyed it.”   – Carla Berry

“Good workshop.” – James Morrison

“I enjoyed the Senator’s talks. He seems very willing to negotiate problems to find the best solution for everyone.”

-Susan Bauchman

“Gary and his staff are very helpful and knowledgeable with whatever questions we throw their way. Thank you” – Belinda Colon

“Excellent” –Ted McAdam

“First workshop attended. Some great tid bits to project thoughts and focus on records.” – Darrel Fulton

“Great workshop! Have more” – Beverly Medina

“Really enjoyed the talk – Learned some useful information.” –Olga Zaras

“Excellent, practical. Good speaking programs.” – Sandra Obrien

“Terrific!” – Al & Margaret Kayatani

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