New Alzheimer’s Treatment

Written By: Gary Fales  |  January 3, 2018

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Many of our clients hire us to prepare documents to help them avoid guardianship if they lose their mental capacity.  My step-mother died of Alzheimer’s Disease when she was 59.  When Alzheimer’s strikes at that age, it’s called the early onset.  PBS ran a special on this form of the illness and called it an epidemic.  She technically died because she would not allow any food in her mouth.  She would swat away any hand or spoon that was used to feed her.  She wouldn’t feed herself.  It was heartbreaking to watch.

After 15 years with no new treatments, researchers at Lancaster University have found significant memory repair in mice while searching for a cure for diabetes.  Read more here.

If you don’t have the proper legal documents in place to plan for a mental incapacity such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, stroke or accidents please contact Living Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

Everyone should have the advance health directive, the health care power of attorney, a living will, the HIPAA release, the financial power of attorney and at least a basic last will and testament. While none of these documents are required, if you do not prepare them while you are of sound mind, the government will take control of your life.  Your family will incur large legal fees and you will lose control of making your own decisions.

Some people I meet with tell me they won’t become mentally incapacitated.  When I first started my private practice, I thought they were kidding.  But the longer I help people plan, the more I’m convinced that some people fool themselves that their lives will go perfectly and then they’ll die.  They pretend everything will be fine.  I suppose it’s too stressful for them to even consider the possibility that they will not be able to make their own decisions.  These are the people that keep probate and guardianship attorneys well paid.  These are the people that cause extra hardship on their families.

I’ve helped thousands of folks plan for mental incapacity.  I try to keep it light hearted and many times my clients and I find the humor in our humanity.  Preparing for the future helps us relax knowing that everything will turn out the best it can.

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