While we have many great folks working at the Law Offices of Gary L. Fales, the following are the 3 primary points of contact.  Most questions should be directed to Amanda Trisco if you’re new to the firm, but feel free to contact Emily if you want her point of view on client services or Gary if you just have to have that burning question answered.

Gary L. Fales, Attorney

When clients meet with the law firm, they meet with Gary first.  He has found that there is no substitute for one-on-one counseling with clients.  Gary schedules all his appointments through his assistant, Mike Garcia, so that he can meeting the needs of both clients and non-clients alike.

Email Gary

David Dean, Appointment Scheduler

David sets all the appointments with Gary.  He’s friendly and personable.  Whether you want to speak with Gary over the phone or you want to schedule a consultation, David can help.  Not sure who to contact?  Call David at (702) 804-0024 or email David below!

Emily Lehr, Client Concierge

We want our clients to know they can always get just what they need when they need it.  When clients aren’t sure what they need or have any confusion, they should call our Concierge, Emily.  The Client Concierge is that personal touch that makes clients feel welcome and important.

Email Emily
Gary and Staff at Law Offices of Gary L. Fales