Having Fun While Teaching “Truth Seeking” to Our Kids

Gary FalesFamily, Random Thoughts

This year, my wife, Christine, and I have started taking our six children to visit other churches with three goals in mind.  First, we wanted our children to understand other people’s beliefs to help them understand how much we all have in common together.  Next, we wanted to have fun together learning and exploring.  And finally, we wanted to see what we can learn from these churches that touch our lives and adds to what we already feel is true.

So far we visited a Catholic church and the Central Christian Church.  It’s been much more successful than we originally thought.  The people in these churches have been so welcoming and we feel a great spirit to be with them.  Their customs and beliefs add new perspectives to our lives that we probably couldn’t have understood in any other way.  Now the kids are telling us about churches they see in our neighborhood that they want to visit next including a Jewish synagogue and a Buddhist temple.

I have always wanted my children to see how important it is to always search for truth while at the same time treasuring the beliefs of our family.  There is no way I could have taught them these values better than to open up their world and let them see for themselves.