95% Chance You’ll Divorce If…

Gary FalesAsset Protection, Living Trusts

If you marry someone who is 20 years younger or older than you, then you have a 95% chance of divorcing according to the Department of Economics at Emory University.  As an attorney who helps folks protect their wealth I have a simple suggestion: don’t divorce.  If that’s not possible, plan ahead.  Those who are fortunately enough to be in … Read More

Death is 100% Certain

Gary FalesAsset Protection, Living Trusts

That may sound strange coming from an Estate Planning Attorney, but I want to help you focus on what matters most.  Yes, we should do what is reasonable to protect ourselves from losing our assets in a lawsuit.  However, I meet so many folks that want to prepare for a lawsuit, which may or may not happen; yet, they don’t … Read More

No, I’m Not Taking Your Assets

Gary FalesAsset Protection, Living Trusts

So I was speaking with my assistant, Mike Garcia, and he told me a common concern he’s hearing is that some folks think that forming a trust means you are signing away possession of the assets to us.  Quite the opposite. Even if I was someone who wanted to take your assets, by placing them in a trust you are … Read More

Nolo Trusts

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Once I had a person come see me who wanted me to review a trust prepared by Nolo. I said, “no.” He was taken back by that but I explained Nolo is no a law firm.  They are not attorneys.  They printed out a form for you to fill in.  And now if I review that trust, I’m going to … Read More

Blended Family Nightmare

Gary FalesLiving Trusts

Factual Situation Wife has a child from another marriage. She is married to her current husband for 18 years. Husband doesn’t consider her son to be his son. Husband and wife hold real estate in joint tenancy. Husband promises to give the home to the son. Husband says that they don’t need a trust because everything goes to each other … Read More

I Can’t Apologize for That

Gary FalesAsset Protection, Living Trusts

I was meeting with a man who was complaining about how upset he was at his old attorney for drafting a trust that was too long.  He said he met up with some friends and they all brought a copy of their living trust to compare their sizes.  One of the men had a Jay Mitton trust and he boasted … Read More

Most Common Workshop Question

Gary FalesLiving Trusts, Workshops

I teach quite a few workshops on Living Trusts, and I just finished teaching one tonight.  I’m asked quite a few questions about probate and how living trusts are used to help people avoid the expense and publicity of the probate process. I find that about 20 types of questions account for 80% of the questions I’m asked.  In fact, … Read More