American Parents Disinherit Children

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Don’t Be Fooled Into Thinking Your Children Will Receive Their Inheritance Just Because You Have a Trust

When you die, will you accidentally disinherit your children?  Unfortunately, unless the parent has protected the assets for the child, those assets will always be open to divorce, bankruptcy, IRS problems or lawsuits the child may experience.  Yes, the probate has been avoided if you have a trust but the assets are naked and exposed for the beneficiary.

Your grandchildren probably won’t receive the inheritance unless a protective provision is included in your trust that prevents accidental disinheritance.  While we can’t change how complex and dangerous our society has become, we can do simple things to adapt to it so our families are not victims.

And the Problem with Trusts Go On And On…

One of the saddest things I see in my practice is a person getting married to someone just for the money.  It happens more than you might think.  If your spouse accidently marries a Gold Digger when you die the

Assets Are Sure to Go to the Gold Digger and NOT Your Children!

It’s sad because it doesn’t have to be that way.  Most people don’t realize that their Living Trust can be modified to prevent Gold Diggers from taking over the assets when you die.  And there’s more…

Most people do not realize that a trust needs to be maintained and updated.  We estimate that more than 75% of all living trusts are outdated!  These oversights can cause tremendous problems later in our lives, even before we pass away.  We can help prevent this problem!  We have developed an effective process to ensure your trust documents will never be outdated.  After your trust was established your life most likely changed and the laws have changed.

We meet with people everyday with trusts that are outdated and ineffective.

 Every 68 seconds someone in America develops Alzheimer’s disease according to the Alzheimer’s Association.  Living trusts were never originally designed to address this disability.  According to the hospitals, over 70% of patients do not bring their health care documents to the hospital, rendering the document useless. This is a serious issue that occurs all too often. Most trusts do not protect children’s inheritance.  A change to your trust can correct all of these problems.

Learn How All These Problems Can Be Solved WITHOUT Starting a Brand New Trust!

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