Life Plan Maintenance Program

Yes, Living Trusts need maintained.  This is perhaps the dirty little secret that you may not have been told.  There will be changes that occur in 3 areas.

(1) The law will change (both federal and state law);
(2) Your life will change;  and because the laws are changing and your life is changing
(3) Our counseling will change.

When those changes are left unattended, it will cause your plan to become outdated.  An outdated plan simply means your plan is wrong.

Naturally, you will know when there are changes in your life.  But when there are changes in the law you may not know.  When the legislature makes the law and they are enacted you are expected to know about those changes.  Of course, you probably don’t know about the changes because you don’t focus your life on these areas of the law just like we don’t have time to focus our life on other areas of the law.  But when it comes to estate planning and asset protection laws, this is our passion.  For all of us, “ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

When the laws change, in our experience, they do not call their attorney to get their plans updated.  There are two simple reasons.  First, they didn’t know the law changed in the first place.  And second, quite frankly, they don’t want to pay the attorney to make the changes.

Our Life Plan clients don’t have that problem.  We’ve developed a system that makes sure our clients get protected and stay protected.  It’s called the life Plan Maintenance Program.  The clients on this program are called our Membership Plan Clients.

Our Life Plan Maintenance Program not only keeps our clients updated on the changes in the state and federal laws but it also provides a way for our clients to keep their plans updated.  And much more…  Here are the benefits all our Life Plan clients receive.

The Life Plan Membership Program is like Fire Insurance. It’s nice to have if you ever need it. However, the chances of the law changing, your needs changing, or your assets changing, are far greater than the chances of your house burning down.

Please review the three categories of benefits of the Membership Maintenance Program: (1) Annual Review & Updates; (2) Client-Only Workshops; and (3) Continuous Communication.

Annual Review & Updates

This is the cornerstone of our Membership Maintenance Program.  Each year we send you a package containing legal changes that may affect your plan.  These changes include changes to the tax code, changes that affects the legal documents we prepared for you, and financial changes.  We also provide you with a list of all the people you named in your plan to help you in the event of incapacity or death.  Finally, we provide you with a list of all the recommendations that we feel you may want to change based on the changes in the law.  If you need to change any of your plan “helpers” that you named in your documents or if you need to change the plan due to any changes in the law then you may do so at no additional fee.
One of the most common mistakes folks make in their plans is having the wrong people serve in a fiduciary capacity such as a successor trustee or agent under the financial power of attorney.  Additionally, you may have a change to the beneficiary or the assets that a beneficiary shall receive.  To remind you of who is helping and who is receiving the assets, we remind you on a yearly basis so you can make changes if necessary.  You can call us or email anytime and we will be happy to tell you.  We anticipate that you will be able to review this information online in the near future through your username/password access to our Members-Only Website.
Your assets must be transferred to the trust in order for the trust to protect those assets.  Our Funding Coordinator is able to take your calls and emails about questions you might have as you transfer the assets.  We can verify that you are transferring your assets correctly.  Then, we enter your assets into your file so that we can confirm your funding is correct as the years pass.  At the beginning of each year, we send you the list of the assets that we have verified with the correct transfer status.  We send you this list so you can compare our verified list to the assets you have in your name.  If it appears your trust is missing items that you acquired during the year, you may contact us so we can help you complete the funding of those assets.  This funding process is the most critical aspect of your plan next to the drafting of the plan itself.  We started providing this careful service to help our clients take full advantage of the trust planning they start with us.

Client-Only Workshops (available on Member’s-Only section)

Each quarter we host a lecture series with topics that we feel our clients will find helpful.  Here is a sample:

  • Anti-Aging Physician
  • Mike Ramsdell–Stories of his time as a Russian Spy
  • Corporate Credit
  • Income Tax Tips
  • Identity Theft
  • Real Estate Trends
  • Alzheimer’s Disease and You
  • Medicare and Social Security Planning
  • Property & Casualty Insurance Planning
  • ObamaCare Preparation
  • Ann Pagano–the Family Love Letter Lady
  • Mike Hammer–Comedian Magician (rented the showroom at the Four Queens)
  • Frankie Moreno–Musician & Entertainer (we rented the whole showroom at the Stratosphere)


  • Using Herbs for a Healthier Life
  • By popular demand: Frankie Moreno–at the Stratosphere
About 3 times per year, Gary leads a workshop on advanced trust techniques.  While called the Bookkeeping Workshop, it goes well beyond the mechanics of using trusts.  He covers funding strategies, asset protection plays and generational planning.  Because the audience are Gary’s clients, he can be more specific and go deeper in teaching concepts that his clients can use in their lives.

Continuous Communication

In addition to being responsible for every aspect of the plans, the attorney, Gary Fales, is the person who is in charge of structuring and strategy for your plan.  During the year when you have questions that cannot be answered by our Client Concierge or the Funding Coordinator then you will be scheduled to speak with Gary who can help you get the answers you seek.  Additionally, when you have planning situations that go beyond simple questions you will either receive an email from Gary, a phone call or a face-to-face meeting–whatever it takes to get you what you need.
As soon as you have a question about your plan, you should call or email us immediately.  Our Client Concierge and Funding Coordinator are available to help you with your questions.  Under the direction of the attorney, they can answer logistical questions and questions relating to where to find answers in your plan and how to work with financial institutions to help you transfer your assets to your trust.

If you call or email us before 3 pm and our staff is unavailable, our policy is to get in touch with you the same day unless there is an extenuating circumstance.   In no event do we take longer than the next business day to help you. We treat every communication as a top priority to help you feel confident with your plan.

Our Members-Only website links you to forms and education that the general public does not have access to.  If you need to download certain items or documents, you can access those using your username and password that we provide you.  If you want to review the Quarterly Workshops or the Bookkeeping workshop videos you may access it here.
To make sure you always get the attention you need, we have implemented the Client Concierge position at our office for our Membership Maintenance Plan Clients.  If you don’t know who to talk with at our office, you can always call the Client Concierge.

When you call, we have a same-day policy of returning calls if we are not available to assist you when you call.  If that is impossible, we call you back the next business day so you never have to wait long to get the answers you need.

If you’re shopping for law firms, you should ask if they have a full-time Client Concierge to help with the many details that can arise when creating your trust.

Our Client Concierge has extensive knowledge in our processes and procedures.  She is aware of each client and where they are in the process so you never have to fear that you are alone.  We always try to make her as available as possible so she can be on the front lines of help.

All legal documents prepared by our firm are notarized for no additional charge.
Get updates to the law and ideas on furthering your planning with our Membership bi-monthly newsletter.

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