Motorcycle Trips with my Dad

My dad and I have been going on short 2-day motorcycle trips twice per year starting the fall of 2011.October 13-14?, 2011 Our first trip to Death Valley National Park and Sequoia National Park April? 13-14, 2012 OOOOOOOOOOO October 13-14, 2012 This trip was the Northern Arizona trip much of it on Route 66: Lake Havasu, Oatman, May 17-18, 2013 This ...

Our Extended Family (of animals and pets)

Gary Fales' sons riding the horses--backwards!
Here are my sons riding our horses--backwards!  We love to ride 'em.  Here are some pictures of us with our animals and pets.  If you love animals like we do then we hope you'll enjoy some of our pictures!

Gary Fales’ Entire Family

Meet the Whole Gang: wife, Christine and children: Sariah, Nathan, Melissa, Jacob, Rachel and Katie Ho Rainforest in the Olympian National Park 2012.  Back row left to right: Nathan (13); Sariah (15); Gary.  Second row left to right: Melissa (10); Christine.  Front left to right: Rachey (5); and Katie (2).  This is the only rain forest in North America.  A ...