Use LLC to Keep Your Name Off Real Estate

I often get calls about how to own real estate so that your name doesn’t appear on the real estate chain of title. Here’s how.

1. You must buy it in cash.
2. Form LLC and open a bank account.
3. Put the money for the purchase of the property in the bank account.
4. Make the offer in the name of the LLC.
5. At closing the title company puts the property in the name of the LLC.

Now, this is important. When forming the LLC you cannot be the manager. If you do then your name will be linked to the LLC and you will be linked to the property.

So the problem is who will be the manager. In Nevada the state doesn’t ask who is the owner so that’s not the problem. The issue is that if you are not the manager then you don’t have control.

The way I fix this problem is to have a simple trust which I call a management trust serve as the manager. You can be the trustee of this trust. Thus, you now have control over the LLC without your name plastered all over the property.