Legacy Builders–Now is the Time

Melissa and Jacob cleaning out the garbage cans--hopefully learning good work ethic

One of the saddest things I hear when making wills for people is when they say, “But we don’t have anyone else in our lives who we know that can serve as the executor or who we can leave our money to.”

As an attorney who has prepared thousands of wills, I have seen some fascinating people and learned about many families.  Through it all, I have become obsessed with a desire to leave more behind than just money when I die.

Some of my clients feel they are here on earth to build and leave a Legacy.  It is so easy to get caught up with the money and who gets what that I’m concerned that planning for the money comes at the expense of planning for our loved ones.

As the attorney, I can offer you some suggestions such as using trusts for education but the real planning must be done by you at home through consistent teaching of principles and values.

Attorneys can be arrogant at times.  We talk about how trust can be used to teach values to your children.  For the most part, once you’ve died most of the opportunity to teach them is over.

Now–today–is the time to teach them responsibility, respect, and all the other values you hold dear.  Yes, a trust can help carry on that torch and I can show you great ideas my clients have used to provide for missions, education, entrepreneurship, and cultural experiences.

But only you can help them learn kindness, charity, integrity and honor.

So, keep going…you’re doing great!

Small town where my dad was born--his legacy will live on long after he diesLearning about the old homestead in Wyoming established in the early 1900s

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