Our Process FAQs

The FAQs are divided into three categories: Living TrustsAsset Protection Trusts, and Our Processes.

Our Process Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  Your first consultation with Gary is Free.  If you are married, we ask that your spouse attend the meeting.  While there are exceptions to this (getting a divorce, spouse in the hospital) we can’t care more about your plan than you and your spouse so their attendance is required.
Yes.  If you are not in Las Vegas, your consultation will be over the phone.  If you are married, your spouse needs to be on the call.
We email you the Personal Information Questionnaire so that Gary can prepare for the consultation.  You do not need any other documents for the meeting with Gary.
Most of the trust planning we do is one of two types: the living trust and the asset protection trust.

Completing a living trust requires only two steps: the formation stage and the funding phase.  The formation stage is where you speak with the attorney about your situation and your goals.  He then prepares the trust and it is signed by you.  Then the funding phase begins.  Funding is the process of transferring your assets to the trust.  For Life Plan Living Trusts, our Funding Coordinator holds your hand through this process and then we send you a confirmation that all the assets are now protected.

For asset protection trusts, there are three steps: (1) the formation stage; (2) the funding stage; and (3) the recording stage.  The first two steps are similar to the living trust, above.  The recording stage is the recording of all non-real estate that was transferred to the trust such as bank accounts and brokerage accounts.  This recording should take place in the county in which the property is located.  This stage is required to give any of your current creditors notice that the assets have been transferred to the trust.  This, then, starts what is known as the 6-month clock.

Normally, your trust will be ready in about two weeks.  It can be done as fast as the same day if necessary.
No.  Gary has learned, through the school of hard-knocks, that there is no substitute for the one-on-one touch.  If there is a legal matter he does not handle he will refer you to a hand-selected referral so that you get the best quality of care.

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