Annual Open House with Santa!

Get Your Pictures with Santa and Free Guardianship Nominations

On Friday, December 5th from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm the Law Offices of Gary Fales will be hosting none other than Santa Clause!

You can name me as the guardian of your children if you can’t think of anyone else.Santa

Bring the kids to our office after school for after-school snacks and to get their FREE digital picture with Santa Clause.

Santa not only wants your children to have lots of toys at Christmas but he wants the children protected if anything happens to the parents.  We will be giving away FREE Guardianship Nominations for all the parents.  The Guardianship Nomination appoints permanant guardians for your minor children so that if anything happens to you, your children won’t become Wards of the State.  Every parent should take the time to ensure that there is no fighting among your relatives should anything prevent you from being the parents for your children–such as your death or incapacity.  If the child has two parents, don’t make the mistake of assuming the other parent will always be there to take care of the children.  If you don’t know who to name, remember anyone on your list is probably better than the court system–Santa said you can name him if you can’t think of anyone.

Yes, even if you don’t have children but you still believe, you too can get your picture with Santa (and eat our snacks).

We’re located on Buffalo just north of the Buffalo/Sahara intersection next to Terrible Herbst convenience store:

2451 S. Buffalo Drive, Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV.

Questions about naming your guardians or how Santa gets down the chimney?  Call us at 702-804-0024 or email